eDairy will ship the products to the nearest stock point. Door step delivery is done by our Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) who is closer to you. You will receive regular email from eDairy, as and when the activities are completed in the process.

Shipping charges of Rs. 30/- are applicable for every order placed on edairy up to total order value of Rs. 750/-. Above Rs. 750/- no shipping charges are applicable.

  • Delivery schedule
  • eDairy has 2 delivery schedules per day.
  • DS1 : Orders placed between 6 AM to 12 noon will be delivered between 4PM to 8PM
  • DS2 : Orders placed between 12.01 PM to 5.59 AM will be delivered between 10 AM to 2 PM
  • All customer orders received on DS2 on saturdays, DS1 + DS2 on sundays and public holidays, deliveries will be scheduled for subsequent working day only.
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